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"Life without a plan is just randomness, a plan without action is a dream, but a plan with action is reality."

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Online shop of exclusive gifts made. We have been giving joy since 2013. We are loved for bright colours, interesting backgrounds and cute illustrations, emotions that accompany each product. And also for friendly service and attention to details.

The main mission is created to provide their own customers with warmth and positive emotions. Each product is made in a good mood and with love. We will help you choose a good gift, which is sure to please the future owner. Funny gifts - this is what everyone likes, regardless of age and status. And we do everything that is required of us to create a quality product.

Glider "I HAVE A MAGIC PLAN" purple

The "I HAVE A MAGIC PLAN" planner is the perfect planning notebook with 12 divider pages with motivational phrases.

I HAVE A BRAVE PLAN" colourful light-coloured glider

To plan and execute, no matter what. And to do it beautifully. It is for such ambitious plans and your dreams that we have created the "I HAVE A BRAVE PLAN" series.

Glider "I HAVE A PLAN" black

Black is the colour of stability and loyalty.

The colour of the wings of storks returning to their nest every spring. The colour of the night sky, which attracts the eye with its depth. But colour is not the only colour.

Advantages of products of the exclusive gifts shop

When you order goods from us, you can be confident in their quality as all our products are made from safe and ecological materials. We are committed to offering democratic prices and frequently provide discounts and promotions to welcome our customers. Our team of designers is dedicated to ensuring the uniqueness of our products. They meticulously consider the visual aesthetics and illustrations that will adorn each item. We take pride in developing all our designs in-house, ensuring that you are giving a 100% original gift. Stationery enthusiasts will especially appreciate the captivating covers and illustrations featured in our planners, notebooks, and other items.


"This planner has changed my life! I've always been prone to forgetfulness, but thanks to the planner, I've become more organised and productive. It also kept me on track with my tasks, deadlines, and even the specifics of my goals. I recommend this one to everyone!"

Emelie Distroy

"The planner allows me to have everything under control. It also helps me to plan my days, set priorities and keep my goals under control. I feel more confident and organised thanks to it."

Marcus Wieser

"I feel that the glider really makes my life more efficient and calmer. It allows me to be more organised, manage my time and be more productive. The best tool for those who want to lead an active and purposeful lifestyle! A planner is not just a tool for writing down a schedule."

Matilda Ellis

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